This TikToker Brings Family Traditions Back To Life By Visiting Gravestones And Baking The Recipes Loved Ones Left Behind

Most people have a beloved family recipe that has been passed down for generations. Think of grandma’s classic chicken noodle soup or your great grandma’s famous banana bread.

Cooking and baking have always been perfect ways to show loved ones you care. Plus, who doesn’t love indulging in delicious, homemade treats?

And passing these recipes down is a foolproof way to honor those who came before you while remembering their impact on your family.

But, one TikToker named Rosie Grant has taken this tradition to the next level. Her account @GhostlyArchive is dedicated to finding all kinds of recipes inscribed on gravestones and trying them out herself. Then, she shares her honorary creations with the world.

And the TikTok community has been loving Rosie’s tributes. Her account has gained just over ninety-six thousand followers and garnered a collective 4.5 million likes.

There, fans have watched Rosie try everything from spritz cookies and nut rolls to fudge and date and nut bread.

Then, she even brings her sweet creations back to their respective graves in order to honor those who left their recipes behind.

Plus, if you are totally into this idea, Rosie includes photos of the gravestone recipes and often shares videos of her baking process.

TikTok; pictured above is Annabell’s recipe for snickerdoodles engraved on her headstone

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