She Kicked Her Maid Of Honor Out Of The Wedding Because She Was Uncomfortable With Entertainers Being At Her Bachelorette Party

Jacob Lund - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-seven-year-old woman is set to get married in just one month. And thankfully, she had her childhood best friend and maid of honor, Kathy, right by her side to help with all of the wedding planning stressors.

Kathy is a professional wedding planner who has hosted hundreds of weddings throughout her career. So, she was super thankful to have Kathy’s help throughout the entire process. And, of course, she showered Kathy with a bunch of meaningful gifts to show her appreciation along the journey.

Anyway, now that the event itself is mostly planned, she had been looking forward to her bachelorette weekend trip, which is in just two weeks.

However, when Kathy reached out to confirm that all of the trip’s accommodations were booked, she learned that Kathy herself would not be participating.

“This came as a shock to me because how are you going to plan everything but not participate?” she said.

Well, apparently, the rest of the women in her bridal party claimed that Kathy had a “very valid reason” for not wanting to attend.

But, the other girls did not think it was their place to talk about Kathy’s business, so they told her to confront Kathy directly.

So, she reached out to her best friend and asked what the heck was going on. And Kathy’s response was not at all what she was expecting.

“Look, you have made some requests for your bachelorette party, and I respect everything you want to do. But, there are some things there that are off-limits for me,” Kathy began.

Jacob Lund – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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