She’s Upset That Her Son Wants To Celebrate His 21st Birthday With Their Old Nanny Instead Of Their Family

“We are dealing with the joy of our kids becoming kind and high achieving adults but are also dealing with grief from the fact that our kids now seem to have a whole separate life.”

Another thing that’s plaguing her husband right now is problems with his cognition, and she really wants their family to be able to spend as much time together while her husband is still aware of what is going on.

As they get closer and closer to her son’s 21st birthday, she has been trying to plan a big party for him with their whole family.

She also booked a staycation for her son and his best friends to stay over at a nearby hotel.

Just yesterday, her son revealed to her that he isn’t interested in a huge birthday bash, and instead, he wanted to see if they could simply grab dinner and have cake quietly.

He also told her that he had reached out to their old nanny to see if she would like to spend time together for his birthday.

“He told me he was paying for her train ticket and was going to take her out to lunch and gift her a bottle of wine or something,” she said.

“He also said he didn’t want a staycation and can always see his friends to celebrate another day.”

“To be honest, I was extremely hurt. I told him I wanted to plan a big 21st celebration for him, and he said he wanted to celebrate with us too. Now he’s basically choosing somebody who isn’t in his life over his parents.”

“I called my son selfish and reminded him that we didn’t know how long his dad had with us or if he would be lucid for that time. My son got mad at me for pulling the “dad has a degenerative disease” card and stormed out, saying his mind is made up.”

Her son attends college and lives in the dorms, so she and her husband never really spend time with him.

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