After Being Stalked For 4 Years, She Decided To Share Her Story Online, But Her Stalker Found The Post, And His Threats Only Escalated

oreans - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

According to the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Violence Against Women Survey (NVAW), one in twelve women will be stalked at some point during their lifetime.

And one woman recently opened up about her personal experience with stalking. Moreover, how the terrifying behavior only escalated after she shared her story online.

For context, she had a male stalker for about four years. However, since he never expressed aggression or sent her outright threats, she just tried her best to ignore him. Plus, she did not want to give him the satisfaction of knowing that he frightened her.

“And to be honest, after a while, I also was not scared anymore since he almost never came close to me,” she explained.

“I know being stalked can affect people severely– even in a case like mine– and that’s totally valid. But, I guess I just got lucky and was never really psychologically affected by it.”

In turn, the four years-worth of stalking mostly consisted of sending her letters and gifts. But, the “gifts” were really just eery photos of her own apartment building taken from the outside.

And even though she did call the police a bunch of times about the relentless contact, officials were never able to identify or catch the man. Honestly, she also does not think they really took her complaints seriously.

However, earlier this month, she found a German Reddit threat and thought it would be good to share her story.

Plus, she never really used any social media aside from Reddit and had no identifying information on her profile– so she figured that her stalker would never see it.

oreans – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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