His Mom Went On A Rampage When He Explained That She Would Not Be Getting A Key To The House He Just Bought With His Girlfriend

bernardbodo - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 25-year-old guy has been in a relationship with his 24-year-old girlfriend named Lacey for the last 6 years.

He first met Lacey in college. She was a freshman who happened to become friendly with one of his best friends.

As soon as he met Lacey, he fell hard for her, and the rest is history. Over the last couple of years, he and Lacey have been saving up their money to purchase a house together.

A month ago, Lacey’s dad helped them to purchase a townhouse, and such a milestone and exciting event in their relationship is being spoiled by none other than his own mom.

His mom has forever hated Lacey, and she always finds something to pick on Lacey about, from her hair color to her clothing and everything in between.

“The most recent complaint is that Lacey only works a few part-time hours while I work full time (Lacey is a Ph.D. neuroscience student), but even if she wasn’t a student, it’s not her business how our dynamic works,” he explained.

“If she can’t act amicably towards my other half, who has been nothing but kind to her, then I don’t want her having access because I know she will intrude. Onto the issue. Two weeks ago, we held a housewarming party for our parents after we were mostly settled in. After dinner, while we were all drinking coffee in the living room, my mom asked me when she would be getting an emergency key.”

“I told her we gave it to our friends because they are closest (that’s a lie; we gave one to Lacey’s parents). She got upset, saying emergency keys are for family only and she needs one. I told her she didn’t need one, and if something happened, my friends had access.”

Although his mom was super unhappy about not getting a key, she dropped the issue, and he figured that was it.

bernardbodo – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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