At Her Best Friend’s Wedding, She Refused To Switch Necklaces With Her, And Now Her Best Friend Will Not Speak To Her

Anyway, leading up to the wedding, she reached out to Mary in their bridal party group chat to ask if she was allowed to wear her own jewelry. Mary said it was no problem, so she was ecstatic and reserved the necklace for the event.

But, once she arrived at Mary’s wedding wearing it, everything went downhill– because as soon as the other bridesmaids and Mary greeted her outside the chapel, they were in love with the necklace.

In fact, Mary apparently loved the necklace so much that she was actually immediately asked to switch with Mary.

Then, some other bridesmaids started chiming in and pressuring her– saying that the necklace could be Mary’s “something borrowed” item.

Honestly, though, she was pretty uncomfortable with the whole thing and tried to politely tell Mary that her fiancé had gotten her that necklace specifically to wear during the wedding.

Plus, since her fiancé could not be there, she really wanted to keep it on.

However, the group apparently would not stop pushing. They even claimed that she was not being accommodating to Mary and that it was going to be Mary’s wedding photos that suffered.

She held her ground, though, and firmly told Mary no one more time. But then, Mary asked if she could just take the necklace off anyway because, apparently, her necklace looked nicer than the one Mary had on, and Mary did not want to be outshined.

“But again, I told her I would rather not. I wanted to share the wedding photos of myself in the necklace with my fiancé,” she said.

If you could not have guessed it, though, her refusal was not taken lightly. For the rest of the wedding, all of the bridesmaids and Mary actually gave her the cold shoulder and even shot her dirty looks.

Plus, after the first dance ended, Mary’s sister even went up to her, called her rude, and claimed that she had seriously upset Mary on her wedding day.

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