Her Best Friend Dropped Out As Maid Of Honor And Then Proceeded To Badmouth Her To All Her Wedding Guests, So She Called Her Out For Being An Awful Friend

But Anna apparently tried to downplay the entire thing. In fact, Anna claimed her comments were “just a joke” and that she was “just being funny.”

Understandably, though, she found Anna’s behavior far from hilarious and decided to tell her former best friend off.

She screamed at Anna for being an awful friend and revealed how a ton of her guests had actually believed her untrue “jokes.” Also, she let Anna know that she was never jealous of her pregnancy and had just tried to be a supportive friend.

Anna just did not get it, though, because then she actually screamed at her and accused her of being a total bridezilla. So, in the end, she just told Anna that her behavior was a slap in the face and kicked her out of her house.

Anyway, it has now been a month since her wedding, and she and Anna still have not spoken since. But that has not kept Anna from running their mouth even more.

Instead, she learned from some friends that Anna is saying she was “verbally abusive” and made Anna’s pregnancy entirely about herself and her “stupid wedding.” So now, she has been left feeling totally hurt and totally confused about whether or not she was somehow a jerk to Anna.

Why do you think Anna would treat her like that? Do you think she had a right to call Anna out for their behavior at her wedding? How would you have handled this situation if you were in her shoes?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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