Her Best Friend From Childhood Is About To Marry Her Ex-Boyfriend, So She Said There’s No Way She Wants To Be A Bridesmaid

Amy - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 29-year-old woman has a friend the same age as her named Jane, and she and Jane go way back.

They began their friendship back in middle school, and then after they both graduated high school, they wound up attending colleges in different states.

She picked a college in Georgia, and Jane picked a college in California. Despite the distance between them, though, they still made an effort to see one another.

“During college, Jane and I visited each other – she’s younger than me, so I flew to LA for her 21st birthday, and we always met up when we were home, etc.,” she explained.

“My junior year, I met Kyle (senior at the time). After he graduated, he moved to NYC for a job. While I did not intend to stay on the East Coast, I ended up also moving to NYC, partially to be with him.”

“Kyle decided he wants a change of pace and wants to move to LA. We talked a lot about it I said if we could wait 6 months and move together since I just got promoted.”

Well, Kyle didn’t wait around for her at all. Instead, he landed a new job, picked up, and moved to LA that year in May.

Just a couple of months prior to Kyle’s move, Jane had actually relocated to LA as well. As luck would have it, Kyle and Jane ended up spending time together.

She knows that Kyle and Jane knew one another quite well since Jane had come to her college to see her, and she also invited Kyle to come home with her on breaks when she also hung out with Jane.

Amy – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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