Her Boyfriend’s Family Dog Destroyed The Anniversary Present Her Boyfriend Bought For Her, So She Ended Up Screaming At Her Boyfriend Over It

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A 22-year-old girl recently celebrated her anniversary with her 23-year-old boyfriend. Her boyfriend purchased a book for her as a present for their anniversary, and this book is something that she has been really wanting to get to read for a few years now.

As soon as she opened up the book, she was thrilled to get to start reading it, but before heading home, they ended up stopping at her boyfriend’s mom and dad’s house.

She needed to use the bathroom, so she placed her book on a table in her boyfriend’s family home, and then she and her boyfriend decided to head out and enjoy the rest of their evening together on a date night.

So, after she used the bathroom, she and her boyfriend left his mom and dad’s house, and she still left the book on the table.

This table was high up enough that she was positive that her boyfriend’s family dog would not be able to get a hold of it, but she was unfortunately wrong.

“During our date night, his mother called and said their dog had ripped through my book but that I could still read it,” she explained.

“I started crying, and my boyfriend started laughing. I told him that it wasn’t funny. We went along with the rest of our date and had fun.”

“We got back to his parent’s house two hours later, and I saw that the book was in shambles. Any avid reader would know that just because you can read a torn-up book doesn’t mean it’s actually readable.”

There was dog slobber covering her book, the first several pages were ripped up, and the page edges were a mess.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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