He’s Tirelessly Searching For His Mom In Los Angeles After Being Placed In Foster Care And Not Seeing Her Since 2002

In the early 2000s, forty-six-year-old Selena Wright of Los Angeles, California, was just trying her best to raise her son.

But, Selena battled with mental health struggles that ultimately led to her son being moved into Child Protective Services (CPS) custody. Then later, he was placed in foster care.

Throughout this challenging period, though, Selena was still able to see her son. She would pick him up, and the pair would go to a local park to play together. They both loved spending that time together.

During one scheduled park visit, though, both Selena’s and her son’s lives would be turned upside down.

In 2002, Selena picked up her son and brought him to the park as usual. That afternoon, though, she never took her son back to his foster home.

Instead, she kidnapped him and traveled with him to Cleveland, Ohio– where her family had been living at the time.

It did not take long for Selena’s family to find out about what she had done. And following the realization, they called the local police to report her.

Law enforcement ultimately took Selena’s son away again and sent him back to his foster family in Los Angeles. After that, though, Selena was sadly never seen by her family or son again.

Facebook; pictured above is Selena

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