His Girlfriend Made His Little Sister Cry, So He Screamed At Her And Kicked Her Out Of His Apartment 

Halfpoint - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-three-year-old man may be young, but he has definitely stepped up to the plate.

Unfortunately, he and his little sister, Paige, grew up in a pretty unstable household. So, from a young age, he had to be a stand-in parent and take on many responsibilities.

Now, Paige is fifteen, and they have an extremely close relationship because of the hardships they have weathered together. But Paige is still a young teen and still relies on him a lot– which he does not mind at all.

“Paige still lives with our parents, but I am the one who takes her to and picks her up from school every day because they certainly won’t do it. And she spends a lot of time at my apartment and occasionally sleeps over on weekends,” he explained.

However, Paige is not the only important girl in his life. He also has a girlfriend named Jackie, who he has been going out with for about three months. They initially met during high school, then ended up reconnecting and dating after college.

And thankfully, Jackie was aware of his family situation and did not seem to have a problem with Paige always being at his apartment at first. However, as time went on, he noticed that Jackie would kind of try to make Paige feel unwelcome.

For example, Jackie would say things like, “Shouldn’t you be at your own house?” And he did not like the passive-aggressive comments one bit.

“I’ve tried to talk to Jackie about this multiple times so we can solve the issue. But, each time I’ve brought it up, she gets defensive and swears that she does not have a problem with Paige,” he said.

Well, Jackie clearly did have a problem with Paige– because just a few days ago, his girlfriend’s jealousy sparked a massive argument.

Halfpoint – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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