In 1988, This Woman Was Discovered Stabbed To Death In Her Bedroom By Her 7-Year-Old Daughter: Now, After 34 Years, Authorities Are Asking For Help

In 1988, Mary Morgan Pewitt of Comanche, Oklahoma, led a difficult life. The twenty-five-year-old had a long history of turbulent relationships; she was already divorced twice, with her third marriage being rocky, too.

And on top of that, Mary struggled to make ends meet. While working at a nursing home, she was injured and forced to undergo various surgeries– so money was scarce during that time.

But, after recovering, Mary was able to find a new job at the only bar in her small town known as Harold’s Club.

So, June 3, 1998, started off much like any other day. First, Mary worked a shift at the bar; then, come the end of the night, she closed up and dropped off the bar tabs at her boss’ house. And afterward, she returned home.

Her third husband, Stan, had moved out of their house by that time. Plus, her two daughters had been spending the evening at their grandparent’s home. So, Mary had planned to enjoy a quiet night alone.

But, once she arrived, Mary found her friend, Randy, already over at her house. The pair ended up sitting down, chatting, and watching TV for a while until Randy left at about 12:45 a.m. Then, Mary was alone for the rest of the night– or so everyone thought.

The next morning, Elizabeth, Mary’s mother, packed up her two grandchildren and brought them over to Mary’s house. Upon arrival, though, Elizabeth knocked, and Mary did not come to the door.

This caught Elizabeth off guard since Mary was supposed to be home to take back her children. In turn, Elizabeth and her two grandchildren began to search the property.

Facebook; pictured above is Mary

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