Running Into The Girl Her Husband Left Her For Actually Gave Her Closure

This woman’s husband broke up with her after seven months of leaving home for deployment. She later found out he left her for someone else–on her own because the man never told her the truth.

The couple also had a then four-month-old son together. However, the man also chose to spend his paternity leave with the woman he cheated her on with.

But the whole story is not about hate or revenge. Instead, let’s see how this woman eventually moved on and gained more self-respect after this traumatic experience.

TikTok user Viv posted a short video explaining the details and timeline. She and her husband both showed up at a family event, for which her husband also brought his new girlfriend. 

But the two haven’t even officiated their divorce yet.

“My husband’s family made me feel like I was still family,” Viv described while being seen washing off her makeup. “Everyone was asking about our four-month-old baby.”

Viv also said everyone in her husband’s family knew he had an affair when he was away, and they also knew the husband broke up with her on the very day he came home from deployment. Their son was only five weeks old when it happened.

“(The husband) gaslighted me and said excuses,” Viv wrote in her video. “But never told me the truth.”

TikTok; pictured above is Viv in her video

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