She Overheard Her Parents Saying She Dropped Out of College At Her Wedding And Lying About Offering To Help Her Pay For School, So She Made Them Leave

castenoid - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 24-year-old woman has sadly never had a healthy relationship with her parents. Her dad is 50, and her mom is 49.

“My parents never quite liked me as much as my older brother and sister. From little things, such as not getting the dinner I wanted on my birthday while my siblings got extravagant parties or my mother saying I wasn’t as pretty as my sister, to bigger things, such as excluding me from a family vacation due to my being sick,” she explained.

At the time, she was 18, and her family had planned a week-long vacation. She woke up with a minor headache, and her mom told her it was best for her to stay home while the rest of the family left on the trip.

By this point, she was used to her parents treating her worse than her other siblings, so she just heeded her mom’s advice and stayed home.

When she was 19, she moved away to attend college.

“My parents paid for my siblings’ schooling, both private school and college, while I went to public school, and they informed me they would not pay for my college right before I graduated. I ended up dropping out a year in as I had not saved up enough money for college and was scared of going into debt. My parents informed me I was a disgrace, and they were disappointed in me, which I decided was the last straw,” she shared.

From then on, she only communicated with her parents sparingly and didn’t visit for holidays or other family gatherings. She hadn’t seen her parents since she dropped out of college.

Last year, she got engaged, and her wedding was a few days ago.

At first, she rightfully didn’t want to invite her parents. However, she talked to her siblings, and they said that not inviting their parents would probably cause more issues, so she decided in the end to invite her parents.

castenoid – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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