Scientists Highlighted 5 Surprising Ways Open Relationships Are More Beneficial Than Monogamy

Jelena - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Let’s face it: society idealizes monogamous relationships, and anything outside of a traditional, two-person relationship is often viewed as alien or taboo.

So, it may shock you to learn that a 2017 study published in SAGE Journals actually found that open relationships offer a load of benefits– more specifically, benefits that are not always a “given” with monogamy.

The study, entitled “Investigation of Consensually Nonmonogamous Relationships” (CNM), was conducted by researchers at the University of Alaska Southeast Ketchikan.

First, it aimed to analyze relationships in which participants identify as polyamorous, swingers, or in an open relationship. Then, the researchers compared their findings to monogamous relationships and discovered some interesting similarities and differences.

Most notably, CNM relationships were not found to offer any lower levels of commitment, satisfaction, or passion– a revelation that even the researchers were shocked about and that totally goes against popular culture’s portrayal of non-traditional relationships.

Then, the researchers were even able to pinpoint five reasons why CNM relationships are not just a viable romantic choice but may even be a healthier option.

1. Say Goodbye To Jealousy

Monogamy has long been believed to decrease the amount of jealousy in a relationship, right?

Well, according to the study, people who partake in CNM relationships actually report lower jealousy levels than people in monogamous relationships. On top of that, CNM participants also report greater levels of satisfaction. A win-win!

Jelena – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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