She Asked Her Boyfriend’s Best Friend To Stay With Her At The Hospital, And Now Her Boyfriend Is Fuming

She also believes that they have grown pretty close in the friend department and figured he would be fine to call in the event of an emergency.

And after she reached out to him, he showed up immediately and took her to the emergency room.

But, what she is more so feeling guilty about is how she asked her boyfriend’s best friend to stay with her the entire time she was at the hospital.

Apparently, she has had severe anxiety and abandonment issues ever since she was ten years old.

“My boyfriend has known this ever since he met me. I am deathly afraid of being alone or with strangers,” she explained.

So, she described her feelings to her boyfriend’s best friend, asked him to stay, and he did.

In fact, he remained by her side throughout the entire process– from filling out paperwork to even getting an ultrasound.

She claims that she was completely covered during the ultrasound and that her boyfriend’s best friend was extremely respectful throughout everything. And thankfully, she ended up being fine.

The real trouble came after she got dropped off at home, though, and her boyfriend got off of work.

Apparently, her boyfriend got back about thirty minutes later while she was on the phone with her father. Her dad had heard about what happened and, obviously, as her parent, wanted to be filled in on the situation.

So, she told her dad about everything and reassured him that he did not need to be worried about her. But, after she hung up the phone, her boyfriend was practically fuming.

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