13 Years Ago, She Went Out On A Friday Night For One of The First Times Since Having Her Baby Girl, But She Never Made It Home

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Thirteen years ago, a young mom went out for one of the first times since having her baby girl. Tragically, she still hasn’t made it home.

Christina Whittaker was 21-years-old when she went missing from her hometown of Hannibal, Missouri.

After a docuseries based on her disappearance, “Relentless,” aired on Discovery+, more people are determined to find out what happened to her. 

On Friday, November 13th, 2009, Christina asked her boyfriend, Travis, to watch their six-month-old daughter, Alexandria, while she had a night out.

Travis agreed and dropped her off at Rookie’s Sports Bar to meet up with some friends around 8:30 p.m. She never returned home later that night.

There are various accounts of the last time anyone saw Christina from her friends and eyewitnesses.

The friends she met at Rookie’s claimed Christina had been kicked out of Rookie’s around 11:45 p.m. because she was acting belligerent, and other patrons who were at the bar claimed she was intoxicated. Her friends didn’t leave the bar with her or give her a ride home.

After leaving Rookie’s, Christina allegedly headed to other nearby bars, River City Billiards and Sportsman’s Bar, hoping to find someone who could get her a ride home.

Vanessa Swank, a bartender and family friend of Christina’s, was working at Sportsman’s Bar that night and claimed that Christina had gone in there just as she was getting ready to close up.

YiuCheung – illustrative purposes only

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