Her Roommate Slept With Her Date Behind Her Back On The Same Day That She Went Out With This Guy

Jeff - illustrative purposes only

TikToker Rochelle (@whoashell) is detailing how her roommate slept with her Tinder date behind her back after lying to her and saying she was going to hang out with her cousin.

When she was in college, she matched with a guy on Tinder. He asked her out on a date to a fast-food restaurant to get milkshakes.

However, she was too afraid to tell him that she was vegan. As they were standing in line, he ordered a strawberry milkshake for himself, then looked at her expectantly.

Rochelle panicked and said she wanted French fries. He was confused, so she explained that she couldn’t drink milkshakes; otherwise, she would soil her pants. And that was how their first date went.

A week later, she was getting ready for her second date with him when her roommate entered her room.

Her roommate asked Rochelle what she was doing. Rochelle told her she was getting ready for a Tinder date and showed her his Tinder profile after she asked to see it.

Then, Rochelle’s roommate said that her boyfriend was out of town for the weekend, so she had no plans and wanted to tag along on Rochelle’s date from a distance.

When they reached the restaurant, Rochelle walked in first and sat down at a table. A few minutes later, her roommate walked in and picked another table nearby. Rochelle’s date arrived soon after.

About 45 minutes into their date, Rochelle’s roommate got up to use the restroom. But on her way back, she pretended to bump into Rochelle and kept asking who the guy was.

Jeff – illustrative purposes only

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