She Expects Her Sister To Cough Up Money To Cover The Cost Of A Subscription Fee She’s Footing The Bill For, But Her Sister Doesn’t Agree

romankosolapov - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Sisters can be incredibly close, but when they argue, things can get messy. A woman recently got into a major fight with her sister that resulted in a yelling match. Can you guess what it was over? Believe it or not, it was over a video game subscription.

Both sisters enjoy playing video games and have a PlayStation video gaming system. One of the sisters really wants to play multiple games with her boyfriend and other friends. The other sister has a PlayStation Plus membership, which allows you to play games online with other players.

“You also get discounts on digital games in the store and three free games every month that you can add to your library and download whenever you want,” she explains.

“In short, she needs this subscription to play the aforementioned games with her boyfriend.”

She’s been paying for this membership for about three years and has accumulated quite a lot of games in her library.

So when her sister approached her and asked if she could use the subscription to play games with her boyfriend, it didn’t sound like the most insane request. That is if she pays for a fair share of it.

She told her sister that she could share the subscription with her if she pays for half of it, as she thinks that would be fair.

“After I told her that, she started yelling at me and accusing me of manipulation,” she says. Yikes! Her sister also said that asking to pay for the subscription is just a trick to get some money off of her.

Despite the yelling, she tried to explain to her sister once more that the deal would be fair, considering that they would both be using the subscription quite frequently.

romankosolapov – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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