She Freaked Out On Her Childless Sister-In-Law For Giving Her Parenting Advice

New Africa - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

It’s not uncommon to get stressed out when people make comments about your child. Sometimes people insert their opinions on your parenting style without permission, and it can be extremely frustrating. It’s especially frustrating when these comments come from family members.

One mother of a 10-month-old baby has recently been having a hard time with her sister-in-law over certain things she says about her daughter’s development and growth.

Her sister-in-law is completing her 4th year in medical school and is beginning to apply to medical residencies.

She notes that her sister-in-law doesn’t make comments on the baby often, but when she does, it seems to really irk her as a mom.

“Sometimes she points out things about my baby’s development that hurt my feelings,” she explained.

Some of the things that her sister-in-law has said to get on her nerves usually surround her daughter’s development and how she’s walking.

Whenever her daughter begins to move around, her sister-in-law says things like, “She’s almost got it down!” or “She’s coming to the age when she can start crawling soon!”

Although these comments may sound supportive to her, they seem to come off as more condescending.

Things really began to bug her when her daughter started using a walker to build up her strength. When she shared a video of her daughter using it with her family, her sister-in-law said something that really upset her.

New Africa – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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