She Refused To Pay For Her Friend’s Bridal Shower As Matron Of Honor, And Her Friend Was Furious

VAKSMANV - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman’s friend is getting married this year and asked her to be the matron of honor. In addition to that position, though, her friend also has a maid of honor.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, her friend mentioned how they wanted a bridal shower. So, she took the lead, began to research their options, and found a great venue.

There, the bridal shower would have cost just five hundred dollars for an afternoon tea-style shower. The price included the venue space, food, drinks, and desserts– which was a great deal.

And according to her, the bride and maid of honor both really liked the idea. So, she inquired about the venue and planned for her and the maid of honor to split the cost of the shower.

Well, as of last week, that plan has apparently been thrown out the window.

First, she got a text from the maid of honor and learned that they had been planning a separate bridal shower option without her.

In fact, the bride decided that they wanted the shower to be at a completely different location– without even running it by her first. Plus, the bride was requesting that she still pay for it.

“Then, the maid of honor let me know that the venue is eight hundred dollars– not including food, drinks, decor, or anything else and that we need to find and pay for those things, too,” she recalled.

But, she actually works in the wedding industry and knows that by booking a venue without the catering and other costs covered, the shower is going to be super expensive. And right now, she simply cannot swing such a huge expense.

VAKSMANV – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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