She Says She Got Cursed Out For Asking For Oatmilk In Her Coffee

It’s not uncommon these days for people to use dairy alternatives in their coffee. Almond milk and oat milk have replaced whole milk and half-and-half in many of our morning beverages. At coffee shops, it’s like the new normal.

Many baristas are getting used to making drinks with non-dairy milk for their customers. However, some baristas are totally over it. Some of them are even angry about it!

One young woman on TikTok recorded her experience after a barista went on a rampage over the fact that she asked for oat milk in her coffee. It’s pretty intense.

Soleis’ (@soupysoleis) video begins with her in the drive-thru in Florida. You can hear the manager and barista yelling at her from the drive-thru window, telling her, “Get out of my line.”

For context, Soleis ordered two iced lattes from the drive-thru with her sister. She asked for the drinks to be made with oat milk at the end of the order, which frustrated the manager.

“Now I gotta redo the entire order,” the manager told her.

After some more aggression from the manager during the ordering process, Soleis and her sister pulled up to the next window to get their drinks.

The sisters were laughing at a joke that Soleis had made about her being lactose intolerant. When the manager heard the girls laughing, she flipped out and refused them service.

TikTok; pictured above is Soleis after she was yelled at in the drive-thru

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