She Wants Her Stepdad To Adopt Her, But Her Mom Is Scared Her Biological Father’s Family Will Cause Problems With Her Over This

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It’s always extremely touching and heartwarming when a step-parent steps up and adopts their step-child after building a healthy relationship with them.

It happens to a lot of children who have lost a parent, don’t know one of their parents, etc. It’s a special way to let children know that they have another supportive parental figure to support them.

One girl is ready to let her stepdad adopt her, but her mother is worried about how her birth dad’s family will react.

Her father sadly passed away right before she was born. His side of the family, who she describes as very wealthy, hasn’t paid much attention to her all her life.

“I’m always introduced as ‘my birth father’s daughter’ instead of just me,” she explained.

She has always had love in her heart for her birth father, even though she never got to meet him. She mentions that she has always valued having his last name.

But now, she has a step-father who she has a very good relationship with. She loves him and even started calling him ‘Dad’ a few years ago.

She has decided that she wants to change her last name to her stepdad’s and wants to ask him to officially adopt her as his daughter. After all, she still isn’t feeling much love from her biological dad’s family.

Just recently, at her great-grandmother’s funeral, many members of his family avoided her. Even when she tried to interact with them, she could hardly get anything back.

Cookie Studio – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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