She Was Guilted Into Baking A Cake For Her Cousin With The Promise Of Pay, But Then Her Cousin Ghosted Her, Never Paid And Actually Reached Out Four Months Later Asking For Another Cake

Jacob Lund - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-two-year-old woman has a cousin named Janice– whose son turned two-years-old earlier this year. So, while Janice was planning the party, she was asked to bake Janice’s son a three-tiered Cocomelon-themed cake as a gift.

And honestly, she said no right off the bat. She told Janice that she was going to be busy the entire week leading up to the birthday party– because, apparently, she was in graduate school at the time and had to work on both her thesis and study for finals simultaneously.

While this is completely understandable, though, Janice just did not get it. So, Janice kept insisting and insisting, and she was forced to look like the bad guy by refusing to bake the cake.

But, that initial conversation was far from the end of the drama– because afterward, Janice actually told her entire family about it in a group chat.

First, Janice texted about how stressed she was about making her son’s birthday special. Then, Janice explicitly called her out for refusing to bake a cake even though she was supposedly going to get paid.

She was one, totally shocked that Janice would even bring up her refusal to her family. And second, confused because Janice never mentioned anything about her getting paid. In fact, she was told the cake would be her birthday gift.

Regardless, though, she still did not care and just ignored the chat– because, like she told Janice, she was just simply too busy.

Well, Janice did not take the hint, and a few hours later, she received texts from another group chat. This time, though, Janice had just put her and Janice’s mother in it. Then, Janice continued insisting she reconsiders her decision.

“They told me that they would pay for everything. The cost of materials, labor, and even the gas for when I drove to the store to buy everything I needed,” she recalled.

Jacob Lund – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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