She’s Refusing To Take Care Of Her Ex-Husband’s Daughter While He Undergoes Surgery

svetograph - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

After this woman and her ex-husband got married, they had three children together– who are now ages twelve, eleven, and nine. But, after her youngest child was born, she and her ex’s marriage deteriorated big time.

Apparently, her ex fell in love with another woman whom they both knew. But, she obviously did not know her then-husband was having an affair at the time. So, whenever she interacted with the woman, she was treated like total garbage.

“The woman took her anger about the fact he was married out on me,” she explained.

“Then, when my ex was finally honest and open with me, he allowed her to come into the home we shared to tell me she was going to be my kids’ mom and she would take my life over.” Yikes!

So, as you can imagine, things were far from good between her and her ex for a very long time.

It also did not help that just eighteen months after they separated, her ex both married the woman and got her pregnant. And this decision did not just upset her, but it upset the kids.

Apparently, her ex was even having such a tough time getting their three kids excited about the new baby that he asked her to basically “play happy family.”

But, she was honest and told her ex that the most positive thing she could say about his new marriage and baby was just saying nothing at all. She had no intention of playing nice or acting like a caring family member for her cheating ex, his mistress, and their new baby.

Just in case the story could not get any worse, though, her ex’s mistress actually ended up bailing right after their baby girl was born.

svetograph – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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