These Twin Sisters Hope That By Facing The World With TCS, They Can Inspire Other Young Adults To Love The Skin They’re In

When identical twin sisters Ella and Annah Kryzanowski of Edmonton, Canada, were born, they were diagnosed with a genetic condition known as Treacher-Collins syndrome (TCS).

TCS is rare and characterized by distinct head and facial abnormalities. These abnormalities often involve the underdevelopment of the jaw, cheekbones, mouth, and palate– which can cause difficulties breathing and eating.

According to Seattle Children’s Hospital, only one in every fifty thousand newborns is diagnosed with TCS. And even though Ella and Annah received the same diagnosis, they refused to just be a statistic.

Of course, this was far from an easy feat for the twins. They were in and out of the hospital regularly from the moment they were born and slowly began to realize that they looked different than other kids their age.

But, according to the girls’ mother, Michelle, the fact that Ella and Annah had each other to lean on and look to was everything.

“I do think it would be harder if there was just one of them. You know, you have that best friend who looks just like you, and that is a great form of support,” Michelle said.

Still, Ella and Annah have had to fight to be accepted for who they are their entire lives.

Ever since they were little girls, the twins recalled being offered plastic surgery. But, they always turned the procedures down– because even though the twins did not always love their appearances, they came to appreciate their unique differences as beautiful.

Instagram; pictured above are Ella and Annah

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