He Is About To Buy A House With His Girlfriend Of Six Years But Is Getting Cold Feet Because She Has Been Gaining Weight

This became particularly important after his girlfriend tried to lose weight pre-COVID-19 and a personal trainer put her on a six hundred-calorie deficit.

This dieting apparently really messed up her dependence on food, and she struggled with comfort eating and binging.

According to him, his girlfriend has since recovered from that experience for the most part. However, because it was scarring, she did not want to go back to counting calories to lose weight.

So, he decided to step in and help his girlfriend lose weight– because he admitted to feeling much more attracted to her when she is working on healthy habits.

Primarily, he decided to take care of most of the grocery shopping since his girlfriend does not really trust herself not to buy calorie-packed foods.

He claims this game plan is not foolproof, though, since sweets somehow always end up in their house– whether that’s because his girlfriend picks them up while shopping separately or they receive them as gifts.

Second, he does all of the cooking and meal prep for her healthy dishes for the week. He also completes most of the household chores in order for his girlfriend to have more energy.

“We have also agreed that I should ask her if she is mindlessly eating, for instance, when we watch something after dinner and she will just continually eat without realizing,” he explained.

“I will often feel sick or cry privately when she does this.”

Finally, he believes that leading by example is key to helping his girlfriend reach her goals. In turn, he goes to the gym often, calorie counts to maintain a three hundred calorie deficit and shed his own COVID-19 weight gain in three months.

Now, though, he and his girlfriend are entering a much more serious phase of their relationship– they are in the process of buying a house.

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