Decorating Your Home With Minimaluxe Combines A Clean, Minimalist Look With Luxurious, High-End Details

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The most recent interior style to take over the design world is “minimaluxe.” It combines a clean, minimalist look with luxurious, high-end details incorporated throughout your home.

Adding just a few touches of luxury makes your space feel more warm and welcome than it would with a traditional minimalistic aesthetic, which interior design enthusiasts deem too sterile and cold.

The color palette of minimaluxe is pared back but pleasant and comforting. Its neutral tones, clean lines, and natural lighting all contribute to a place that has a calm and tranquil atmosphere.

If you feel like your home is lacking something special, let’s explore the minimaluxe design to see if it’s the right fit for you.

First of all, the foundation of minimaluxe is minimalism. (No shockers, there.) Yes, your space should not contain a lot of clutter, but that also does not mean you should be getting rid of all the items you own.

Minimaluxe embraces the philosophy of being selective about what you display. This means you can choose to put your favorite decor pieces front and center, which works to breathe some magic into the room.

Whereas with regular old minimalism, only the bare essentials are allowed, making the room appear almost lifeless. Overall, minimaluxe still requires you to do some decluttering, but it’s far less strict than minimalism.

You should also choose furniture that’s functional and aesthetically pleasing to avoid loading your space with too many unnecessary accessories or ornamentation.

Contrasting textures that stay within the same color scheme help the design blend together seamlessly. Woven rugs, greenery, and earthy sculptural pieces are just a few other elements that can make your home look more alluring.

4595886 – illustrative purposes only

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