Her Worst Date Ended With A Guy Crying In Her Bed After They Hooked Up, So She Made Him A Cup of Tea While He Poured Out His Feelings To Her

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What do you do when a guy starts crying while you’re on a date with him? Do you stare at him blankly because you’re at a loss for words? Or do you comfort him and hold him as he weeps even though you both barely know each other?

TikToker Alex (@alexinsummer) is telling the story of her worst date, which ended with a guy crying in her bed after they hooked up.

So she matched with this guy on Hinge who was super cute. He happened to be 22-years-old, and she was 25. But at the time, she didn’t care that he was younger because she was just looking for a rebound after her long-term relationship had ended.

They made plans to meet up for drinks at a place in the city. He showed up on time, looked just like he did in his pictures, and everything seemed normal.

A few drinks later, he revealed that it had been a month since his long-term relationship ended. Alex knew then that things probably wouldn’t end well, but she ignored the nagging thought.

Toward the end of the night, they decided to go back to her place, where they proceeded to hook up. After they finished, Alex was sitting on the edge of her bed when she noticed that he seemed to be on the verge of a breakdown.

The date essentially became a therapy session. Alex made him a cup of tea, and he poured out his feelings to her.

He told her that she was the first person he had been with after his breakup and the first person he had ever slept with besides his ex-girlfriend. Alex also found out that his previous relationship had lasted for four years.

He began getting teary-eyed while in her bed. Alex didn’t want to be rude, but she had plans for the next morning and was hoping he would leave soon.

ID 205979797 – © Chernetskaya – – illustrative purposes only

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