Her Friend Demanded A Set Amount Of Money From Each Wedding Guest And Claimed It Was Customary, But She Believes Her Friend Was Just Hosting A Cash Grab

Alexandr - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A little over a decade ago, this woman from the UK met a friend online from Belgium, and ever since then, they have remained super close.

Her friend also recently announced that they were engaged and would be getting married in March of next year. So, she was beyond excited to attend and began coordinating her travel plans for the event.

She also began working on narrowing down the perfect wedding gift for her friend. Apparently, she saw a custom art piece constructed from the bride and groom’s birthstones online and thought that it would be absolutely perfect for commemorating the wedding.

She had not ordered the gift yet, though, and it was seemingly a good thing– because out of nowhere, her friend reached out to reveal what she was expecting as a wedding gift.

Her friend did not ask for a home decor item or kitchen appliance, as most fiancés do, though. Instead, her friend actually just wanted money– and did not beat around the bush about it.

“I was told I had to bring a minimum of two hundred and fifty euros cash as my wedding gift to them, and I was shocked by this,” she explained.

“That’s a lot of money– especially considering that I have to fly out and get a hotel.”

When she brought up these concerns to her friend, though, her friend did not care. In fact, her friend claimed that two hundred and fifty euros were actually just the “bare minimum” every guest was expected to bring.

Plus, whatever guest did not gift that amount of money would not even be allowed into the wedding!

Alexandr – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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