She Says Her Spirit Guide Saved Her Life After She Almost Fell Out Of A Window

Whether or not you believe in the spirit world, it is likely that you probably have encountered spiritual beings aiding you through the journey of life, although you may not have known it at the time.

Kelsi Davies (@kelsiidaviess) revealed on TikTok how her spirit guide saved her from falling out of a window.

Spirit guides are nonphysical entities that act as a guide or protectors to human beings. They can appear as an angel, animal, ancestor, or in various other forms. In this case, Kelsi’s spirit guide was her great-grandfather, her grandpa’s dad.

At the time, Kelsi was living at her parent’s house, and the window in her room was knee-high. She had just gotten out of the shower, so she was unclothed, or in her words, “butt naked.”

As she walked over to her closet, she tripped over her cat’s toy and plunged toward the window.

The window was open, but the blinds were down, and the window screen was securely attached. Kelsi ended up falling through the blinds and popped the screen, holding on for dear life.

Fortunately, she doesn’t think the neighbors witnessed the event. But as she felt her grip slipping, she had some help getting back inside safely.

“Right when I was about to just give up, I felt a hand; this force pulls me in,” recalls Kelsi.

TikTok; pictured above is Kelsi in her video

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