Her Vacation Was Nearly Ruined After She Went To Check Into Her Flight And Found Out That The Tickets She Booked Through A Third-Party Travel Booking Company Were Bogus

The TikToker claimed that she was never informed of the cancellation and even got a pre-flight registration form to fill out just two days prior to her trip.

But unfortunately, there was simply nothing the airline could do for the woman. Moreover, the employee then instructed the TikToker to confirm that her hotel booking was still active and legitimate– which stressed the woman out even more.

Thankfully, though, the hotel in Greece was aware of the booking and said they were expecting the TikToker. So, the woman was just forced to find another flight– which was not cheap– from a London airport three hours away from her.

And after arriving in Greece, she and her friends tried to remain positive about the entire situation. Still, though, each member of the group had been forced to cough up nearly one thousand and two hundred more dollars on top of their original trip expenses.

Furthermore, after the trip ended and the woman got back to her hometown, she tried to reach out to the travel company she used about the terrible mishap. But, the company took over five weeks to respond and offered a weak explanation.

“The only excuse they gave us was that it was an ‘error’ that we were not told about five months ago that our flight was canceled. And, apparently, they tried to give us a refund, but it did not go through– which is all just bullocks, really,” the TikToker stated.

Moreover, the only restitution the travel company was willing to provide the woman and her friends was a total of eight hundred pounds– or about nine hundred and eighty dollars.

“It is not so much the money that I am concerned about, but it is more the fact that we just feel completely cheated out of this holiday, and it nearly ruined our whole holiday,” the woman said.

Her TikTok describing the situation received over five hundred and forty thousand views, gained twelve thousand likes, and spurred over one hundred comments.

And since the incident has gained such widespread attention on social media, the travel company did comment on the woman’s original video.

“You’re right, this sounds like a terrible experience, and I can only apologize!” one of the company’s representatives commented.

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