His Girlfriend Asked Him To Put Their Triplet Daughters Up For Adoption And Then She Admitted That She Doesn’t Like Being A Mom At All Before Cheating On Him Too

EVERST - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 25-year-old guy began dating his girlfriend 10 years ago when they both were 15-years-old. When they hit 21, they decided to have a baby, as they dreamed about starting a family of their own and getting to see the world with their future kids.

They were extremely surprised to find out that when they did get pregnant, they didn’t have 1 baby on the way; they had 3.

That’s right, they got pregnant with triplet daughters. After they welcomed their little girls into the world, things were really hard on them, but their families stepped in to help them in every way.

With such a wonderful support system behind them, he and his girlfriend really seemed to be thriving in their new roles as parents.

“I’m super in love with my daughters, every day, I’m still shocked that they’re actually here living in this world,” he explained.

“My life has become better, I’ve become a better person, and every day I’m always learning how to continue being the best dad I can be to this family. Playing with them, making them laugh and smile – it’s those little things that really make my heart grow; it’s beautiful.”

As time went on, he and his girlfriend did pause to consider if they were turning out to be decent parents, and he always thought they were.

He and his girlfriend had excellent jobs, and they were able to provide their daughters with everything.

He also made an effort to take his girlfriend out on a date once a week because he thought she was a wonderful mom who deserved to have a nice night out.

EVERST – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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