Her Vacation Was Nearly Ruined After She Went To Check Into Her Flight And Found Out That The Tickets She Booked Through A Third-Party Travel Booking Company Were Bogus

One TikToker who goes by the username @ParisHilton49 recently shared her terrible vacation experience in hopes of cautioning users against using a specific travel company.

“We booked our holiday [to Thessaloniki, Greece]…as a package holiday that included flights, transfers, and a hotel. We booked this in October of last year, and we were due to go in May of this year,” the woman began.

But, just one day before her trip, the TikToker could not check in to her flight. In fact, there was apparently no record of her ever booking one.

“We could not find our flight anywhere; there was no trace of it. It was not on the departures, and we tried to call around, but nothing, no answer,” she continued.

The woman did become alarmed but thought that perhaps she was just having trouble online. So, she traveled to the airport the next morning for her 6:00 a.m. flight, looking for answers.

But, after speaking to an airline employee, the woman was informed that the airline never flies to Thessaloniki. In turn, her flight tickets were essentially bogus.

“I am such a nervous flyer as it is– I absolutely hate it– so to hear this just sent me through the biggest anxiety of my life,” the woman recalled.

The airline employee did end up going through her flight confirmation details, though, and it turns out that the flight had been canceled five months ago, in December of 2021.

TikTok; pictured above is @ParisHilton49 in her video

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