His Brother Posted On Facebook About How People Need To Stop Asking For Handouts And Learn To Be More Self-Reliant, So He Called His Brother Out For Being Hypocritical Since His Brother Lives With Him Rent-Free And Has All Of His Living Expenses Paid For

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This forty-five-year-old man has an older brother, who is fifty-one. And according to him, his brother was never really “good at life” from the start.

Beginning as a teen, his brother dropped out of high school, never bothered to obtain a GED, and showed no interest in attending college or trade school.

So, over the years, his brother has had a few jobs here and there– but they were mostly at establishments such as Walmart, McDonald’s, and local pizza joints.

These employment opportunities never lasted long either since his brother could never hold down a job for more than sixty days.

This means that his brother has never really been able to support himself. So, he and his wife allow his brother to live with him.

“My brother mostly just sits in his room drinking my booze, smoking my pot, and eating my food while he plays whatever JRPG he is currently obsessed with,” he explained.

To be quite honest, though, he really does not care. In fact, he claims that he accomplished a lot in his career, and his wife invested their money very well from the beginning.

In turn, he and his wife are now very comfortable, and they have more than enough money to entirely support his brother for the rest of their lives. So, he and his wife intend to do so.

“My brother is not taking food out of my kids’ mouths. He’s not cutting into their college funds. It’s literally extra money that I would just be squirreling away if I did not spend it on him,” he said.

mimagephotos – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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