She Was 8 Months Pregnant When She Vanished In 1985, And As Soon As Her Boyfriend Was Questioned About Her Disappearance, He Allegedly Claimed He Didn’t Know Her

In 1985, twenty-nine-year-old Linda Ann House had two sons– who were five and ten years old at the time. The young mom from Dallas, Texas, was also excitedly expecting her third child.

But, on November 8, 1985, everything changed for the House family, especially Linda’s two sons.

That morning started off like any other day. Linda woke up her boys, got ready, and hugged her sons goodbye before heading out.

Afterward, she traveled to her then-boyfriend’s house, James (he also went by Jim), who reportedly worked at an architectural firm in Dallas.

What exactly happened following Linda’s departure, though, has remained a mystery for decades.

All the House family knows is that Linda, who was eight months pregnant with a baby girl at the time, seemingly vanished into thin air.

According to Chris, Linda’s younger son, the lack of progress in his mother’s case was due to lackluster investigative efforts.

He shared his frustrations with the Dallas Police Department in a Facebook post for what would have been his mother’s sixty-fourth birthday on October 1, 2020.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Linda

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