She’s Speaking Out About Her Experience On A Reality TV Show After She Says It Traumatized Her

In the early 2000s, reality TV shows were all the rage, and since then, things have really not slowed down for the genre.

But, one woman has recently come forward about how toxic her experience was filming for a reality TV show.

The show that she was on followed young couples between the ages of eighteen and twenty-two during the days leading up to their wedding.

And the woman, named Kara Willemsen, saw another TikToker discussing how being on a reality show left them with more trauma.

Kara scanned through the comment section and saw a lot of blame being directed at the TikToker– which she takes issue with.

So, she created a response video in which she also opened up about her own experience.

“This girl’s post came up on my for you page, and I read a lot of the comments basically saying that it is not [the TV network’s] fault they [the family] had issues,” Kara began.

She then went on to share how she and her husband were actually on the show that she ended up filming for.

TikTok; pictured above is Kara in her video

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