She’s Talking About All Of The Terrifying Things That Happened In The House She Grew Up In

“I literally ran so fast,” she recalls.

At first, her mother wouldn’t believe these stories until she had a terrifying encounter of her own inside the house. They couldn’t keep lightbulbs in the house’s lighting fixtures because they would end up exploding seconds later. Whenever they tried to use lanterns or lamps, they would fall over.

It got to the point where they would all sleep on the living room floor in sleeping bags with the fireplace on. Eventually, after witnessing a constant string of scary and almost paranormal experiences, the family decided to leave the house.

Once they were out, she found out that it had a pretty interesting backstory that could explain some of the activities that went on while they were there.

“When I did research, I found out the ground the house stood on was at one point Indian burial ground,” she says.

“Later, the point or hill became home to a courthouse for a little town, and they did, in fact, use the basement as a jail, and they did chain people to the walls.”

How wild is that? The house was also the site of a fire that killed a little boy. Perhaps it could be the same boy she would see in the kitchen. She notes that the house is beginning to fall apart physically and that the current owner will likely tear it down. Even if the house falls apart, the terrifying memories will stay with her forever.

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