This Teen Blew Up On His Parents Because, In The 5 Years Since His Sister Was In A Tragic Accident, They Have Never Bothered To Learn Sign Language To Communicate With Her

“My parents just want to use text to replace the long phone calls they had with their parents when they went away to college,” he revealed.

“And Natalie does not want to just sit around and text with our parents for hours at a time.”

Regardless, his parents still expect Natalie to literally sit on the couch, field their messages, and text back as soon as possible in real-time every single day. And quite frankly, Natalie is just not interested in that.

Anyway, this has recently become a major point of contention in his household. In fact, he even overheard his parents complaining and insulting Natalie over her dislike of texting earlier this week.

And after hearing their comments, he got seriously pissed and decided to tell his parents off about their lack of care for Natalie’s preferences once and for all.

First, he decided to list all of the people who went out of their way to learn sign language for Natalie– including himself, numerous cousins, their grandparents, multiple aunts and uncles, two of Natalie’s past boyfriends, and even her creative writing teacher in high school.

Then, he told his parents that each person decided to communicate with Natalie how she felt most comfortable– but they never did.

His parents did not take his blow-up well, though, and they ended up screaming at him about how he “could not understand.” Then, he got grounded.

Still, though, the drama was far from over– because afterward, two of his aunts, who apparently never agree on anything, actually called him up and berated him.

“They told me that my parents both worked full-time, had three kids to raise, both had church responsibilities, and that Natalie and I were brats for expecting them to learn a new language on top of that,” he recalled.

Plus, his aunts even sarcastically asked what sports and clubs he and Natalie should have lost out on so his parents could spend the extra time learning a new language while “Natalie’s hands worked fine.”

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