This Teen Won’t Stay With His Stepmother And Half-Siblings While His Grandparents Undergo Surgeries, And His Stepmother Is Making Him Feel Really Guilty About It

Anyway, that means he has continued living with his grandparents all of these years and is very content at their house. Obviously, though, they are both older now– and each of his grandparents actually has surgeries coming up soon.

So, he decided to stay at his aunt and uncle’s house for a few weeks while his grandparents recovered. After Gemma received word of that, though, she tried to butt into the situation.

Apparently, Gemma first reached out to his grandparents and said that they should send him to her house. However, he and his grandparents had already discussed where he wanted to spend the time away from home, and they chose his aunt and uncle’s house together.

“We had also discussed Gemma, and I had said no way,” he recalled.

Aside from not wanting to stay at Gemma’s house for his own personal reasons, though, he also just thought staying at his aunt and uncle’s house would make more sense. After all, they were supposed to be caring for his grandparents after they got discharged from the hospital anyway.

Despite his and his grandparents’ wishes, though, Gemma would not stop blowing up his grandparents’ phone.

So, after a while, he was sick and tired of seeing her name pop up on the caller I.D. and decided to give his stepmom a piece of his mind.

First, he picked up his grandfather’s phone and told Gemma to stop bugging his grandparents. But Gemma just kept pushing her own agenda.

Gemma claimed she wanted him to stay at her home so that way he could meet the rest of her family and get to know everybody. Obviously, though, he knew what his stepmom wanted and told her that he did not care. He also said he had made his decision already.

If you could not have guessed, though, Gemma got upset and asked why he did not want to stay with her family. She also admitted that over the years, she had hoped he would decide to re-enter her family and “be her child again.”

And after hearing that, he got pretty annoyed and decided to just tell Gemma the unfiltered truth.

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