Cosmetic Contour Tattoos Are Going Viral On TikTok, But Are They Really Safe?

marcink3333 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

We have all heard of microblading, or a form of semi-permanent tattoo meant to fill in eyebrows in the long term, as opposed to single-wear eyebrow pencils.

Similarly, lip blushing– or lip tattooing– has also picked up steam in recent years, allowing people to achieve a long-wearing lipstick look without needing to constantly reapply makeup products.

But did you know that you can also seek out tattoo services for an arguably much more time-consuming makeup task? More specifically, I’m talking about contouring.

A few months ago, one TikToker named Charlotte Payne went totally viral after sharing a video of herself undergoing the process.

As Charlotte relaxed in the tattoo chair, donning a white cap, her tattoo artist applied various shades of ink along specific areas of her face.

The lightest tones were applied under her eyes and down the top of her nose. Then, across Charlotte’s cheekbones and down her chin, she received a medium shade. Finally, underneath her cheekbones and at the top of her hairline, the darkest tones were applied to really deliver that cutting contour look.

According to Charlotte, the results of her specific service will last between four and six months– cutting out the arduous process of concealing, contouring, baking, and adding blush every single morning.

“So glowy, I’m obsessed,” she said of the contour after her tattoo was done.

Still, even though the thought of skipping your morning makeup routine might sound super worth it, most of Charlotte’s viewers on TikTok expressed tons of doubt. Her video gained one hundred and ten thousand likes and prompted a lot of conversation about the longevity, unpredictability, and safety of contour tattoos.

marcink3333 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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