During Her First Date With A Guy, He Started Intensely Smelling Her Hair And Skin, Before Literally Following Her Home, And Her Boss Had To Come To Her Rescue

It can be exciting when going on a date with someone for the first time! There are so many things to look forward to and certain things to be a little nervous about. The butterflies are real when you meet someone that you really like.

But one other thing to consider on a first date is boundaries. What do you consider appropriate, and what is going too far?

What if your date starts creepily smelling your hair? Is that too far? Well, for TikToker KF, @korynaaa, this is exactly what happened to her, and it is definitely crossing her boundaries.

On her channel, she has several other date fail videos from her online date experiences. This time it’s a different kind of story, she explains. Although she met her date on Tinder, the downfall of the entire evening happened in person with him and not over direct message as she is usually used to.

“This time, it’s not online,” she said. “This is tête-à-tête, face to face.”

As situations like these usually do, the encounter started out pretty well.

“I meet this person on Tinder; they seem chill, they seemed really cool, we have a lot of interesting comments,” she said. “We move over to Instagram DMs, and we’re messaging a lot. The vibes are good.”

It’s because of this first online encounter that she had no reason to think that it would take a turn otherwise, especially after meeting her date in person. They decide to go out to a sit-down restaurant.

TikTok; pictured above is KF in her video

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