Festive Christmas “POV” Videos Are Giving TikTokers A Satisfying Feel For The Holiday Spirit

Let’s face it: if you have TikTok, then you definitely have at least one form of “guilty pleasure” video. And before your mind gets stuck in the gutter, no, I am not talking about anything inappropriate.

Rather, I mean those videos that, for whatever reason, are super satisfying and itch your brain in just the right way.

For some people, that’s the tingling sensation they get after watching ASMR. For others, it’s the feeling of accomplishment after watching people organize their home goods.

With Christmas right around the corner, though, yet another trend has fascinated TikTokers looking to get into the holiday spirit: “POV” videos.

Creators have been filming “POV” videos, also known as point of view, that are literally shot from the perspective of the creators themselves– making viewers feel like they are really there and participating in the activities.

And in the holiday-themed vlogs, the TikTokers are obviously engaging in typical, joy-inspiring seasonal activities.

One young woman named Izzy has recently taken the cake on this trend with her last five Christmas POV vlogs– which have gained over 16.8 million views and nearly 3 million likes collectively on her TikTok account @Vlogswizzy.

Her most popular video by far, though, was a POV TikTok in which viewers got to feel like they were having a Christmas sleepover with their best friend.

TikTok; pictured above is a screenshot from one of @vlogswizzyy’s Christmas videos

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