He Didn’t Like How His Brother’s Girlfriend Was Planning To Prepare Christmas Dinner, So He Called Her Out For Being Cheap, And Now His Mother Is Furious

Dash - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This forty-seven-year-old man normally spends Christmas at his parent’s house. But, since his father passed away earlier this year, his brother and his brother’s girlfriend, Eve, decided to pitch in to take some stress off of his mother.

More specifically, Eve said that she would cook the Christmas dinner. And being that it is his brother and Eve’s first Christmas with their newborn son, they were very excited to make it special.

After he visited his brother and Eve recently, though, he overheard the couple discussing the meal and found a bunch of issues with how they planned to cook the dinner.

First of all, he claims that this will be the first time Eve cooks a turkey. And he learned from his brother that they had already bought the turkey. This means that the turkey was frozen, not fresh– something he was pretty distraught about.

“I frowned as we always had a fresh turkey from the local butcher’s, never a frozen turkey. But Eve said that she had gotten a frozen turkey crown as it was cheaper and that they did not need a large turkey with legs,” he explained.

Next, Eve then began talking through the rest of her meal plan. Apparently, she opted to buy turkey gravy mix since she did not want to prepare gravy from scratch.

He also learned that Eve would be using tinned potatoes as opposed to fresh ones and had already made and frozen the stuffing balls.

Now, he realizes that his brother and Eve have been struggling a bit financially since Eve is currently on maternity leave.

On top of that, she will not be returning to work for a while since her son also has some additional medical needs.

Dash – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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