Her Boyfriend Has Constantly Badgered Her About Getting Married Even Though She Wants To Wait, So After He Romantically Proposed To Her, She Dumped Him

torriphoto - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual ring

A 20-year-old girl has been dating her 27-year-old boyfriend for a year and 3 months exactly, and her boyfriend has constantly brought up wanting to get married and wanting to have kids from the time that she met him.

Although she does want to be married and sees herself having kids, she doesn’t want to do that until much later on in her life.

Throughout her entire relationship with her boyfriend, he has badgered her about getting married to him even though she made it clear she wants to wait.

“We would often be lying in bed, and he would just say, “I can’t wait to do this when we’re married,” she explained.

“Personally, I don’t really get it. Like, what’s going to change from now when we’re dating to when we’re married? Our relationship will still be the same one we started with.”

“He often would just ask me casually to marry him, and I would always just answer something along the lines with, “someday.” He’s asked me about every month for about a year, and I always answer the same. I’m very busy, and I travel for an intern job for work, so I don’t really see myself settling down within the next few years.”

She honestly could not have made it more obvious to her boyfriend that she intends to live her life before settling down.

She even gave her boyfriend her timeline; she has no interest in being engaged before the age of 25, and she won’t have kids unless she’s in her late 20s or early 30s.

This is just how she feels and what she wants to do. So anyway, every single time her boyfriend has talked to her about getting married and having kids, she reminded him of her timelines for both.

torriphoto – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual ring

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