Her Brother Is Furious With Her For Showing His Kids The Polar Express Movie, Because His Kids Snuck Out Of The House In The Middle Of The Night On Christmas Eve To Wait By The Train Tracks For The Polar Express To Arrive

Maryna - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual kid

A 29-year-old girl agreed to babysit for her brother’s children on the day prior to Christmas Eve because her brother wanted to take his wife out to a fancy dinner.

Her brother’s kids are 4, 6, and 7. Her brother and his wife headed out for dinner at 6 pm, and so she put a movie on for the kids to watch before tucking them into bed.

She picked out The Polar Express for the kids to watch, and they really did love the movie. She didn’t think the excitement that her nieces and nephew showed over the movie was anything out of the ordinary though.

Well, when Christmas Day arrived, her brother called her up and screamed at her for letting his kids watch that specific movie.

“I didn’t know this, but apparently, there is a set of train tracks that run behind their house (about 200 yards back), and on Christmas Eve, my nieces had snuck out of bed and walked out to them to “wait for the polar express,” she explained.

“My brother put them to bed around 10 and found them at 6 am unwrapping presents under the tree. He realized they’d been outside because their coats/boots were strewn about the hallway, and their faces were pink from having been out in the cold.”

“They don’t know how long the kids were out there (doctor estimated about 1.5 hours) and took them to the ER because my younger niece’s lips were blue and she was stumbling, where they found out that my younger niece had (thankfully mild) hypothermia.”

Her brother was livid, and he accused her of being a terrible babysitter, as well as not a responsible adult.

Her brother also expected her to sit all the kids down and tell them that the Polar Express is made up.

Maryna – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual kid

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