She Gave Her Son His Own Hotel Room But Is Making Her Daughter Share Her Hotel Room With A Cousin Who She’s Never Met, So Her Daughter Is Furious

dejah_thoris - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This thirty-year-old woman and her husband, who is forty-nine, have been married for about two years now. And within that time, they welcomed a baby into the world together who is now nearly one-year-old.

However, this was neither her nor her husband’s first marriage. So, she has two children of her own– a twelve-year-old son named Rory and a twelve-year-old daughter named Emily. Her husband also has two sons, who are both thirteen-years-old.

Anyway, beginning from when her children were first born, Rory and Emily always shared a bedroom.

But, after she got married and they moved into a bigger home, both of her kids finally had the ability to get their own rooms.

Now, Emily was over the moon about her new bedroom. Rory, on the other hand, was not too thrilled. In fact, her son actually had a very hard time adapting to the new sleeping arrangement.

“He didn’t like being alone, and he got scared a lot– crying all night and peeing himself. But, he eventually adapted to the new reality and has been more stable,” she revealed.

Recently, though, her entire family was invited to her sister-in-law’s big destination wedding– which will be in Hawaii. And according to her, the initial plan was for all of the kids to share rooms in sets of two.

So, Emily was going to stay with one of her husband’s nieces; meanwhile, Rory was going to room with one of his stepbrothers. And her husband’s other son was going to stay with a cousin.

However, that idea did not really pan out as planned. Apparently, Rory claimed that he did not want to share a room with any of his stepbrothers because “they smell bad.” Then, her son asked that she allow him to stay with his sister instead.

dejah_thoris – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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