She’s Hoping To Be The Very First Woman Of Color To Complete A Journey Across Antarctica, Entirely Alone And Without Support

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All throughout history, people have trekked across Antarctica on foot, by snowmobile, by dog sled, and in groups.

A lot of factors play into what people need to do for their trips. Conditioning your body and making sure you have the proper equipment are among the many lists of things. I find it amazing that people choose to cross the coldest place on the planet in groups or by themselves.

One woman is making the cross all by herself, and she’s documenting it on her website and Instagram. She’s also raising money for her exploration and grants she gives to people.

Preet Chandi is an explorer to her bones.

“At age 19, I joined the Army Reserves, where I was eventually commissioned in 2012,” she shared.

“I went to University to study Physiotherapy and graduated in 2012, I was the first person in my family to get a degree, and it remains one of my greatest achievements. My appetite for greater and greater challenges started to grow, starting with my first half marathon at 20-years-old.”

“After completing my first marathon, I decided to try an ultra marathon. Dusk to Dawn (50 miles in the Peak District) left me feeling very achy and sick, but I had already caught the bug. The scale of my adventures started to grow, and my definition of what is normal changed.”

Just looking at the pictures of her journey and her experiences thus far, I’m a little jealous. I’ve never had the explorer gene in me.

I’m the type of person that is happy staying at home and spending time cuddling under a blanket with my boyfriend and our pets, just crocheting and watching movies. I, of course, love going on hikes in our state parks and going camping occasionally, but home is where I am the happiest.

Preet goes on to share how she joined the Regular Army and talks about going to Nepal, Kenya, and South Sudan on peacekeeping tours with the UN as the task-force physiotherapist.


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