This Interior Architect Is Talking About The Kitchen Designs He Would Advise You Never To Use In Your Own Home

Fotoluminate LLC - - illustrative purposes only, not one of the actual kitchens

Is a home renovation in the works for you in 2023? If so, be sure to keep up on all of the new in-season interior design plans, starting with your kitchen.

TikTok Interior Architect, @mrphoenixgrey, is breaking down the “old news” of kitchen renovations this season.

He begins his video with a list of “the worst kitchen designs that I would avoid in your home.” Honestly, you might be kind of shocked by some of the things that he thought of that you may not have.

The first thing on his list has to do with the pots and pans in your kitchen; here’s a hint–don’t hang them!

“First up being those overhead pot racks,” he said. “This is a terrible idea unless you have spotless pots and pans in pristine condition.”

It’s a good thought–your pots will get dirty from cooking, and the bottoms may become burnt. Unlike the magazine photos, your pots won’t always look like they’re fresh out of the box.

“Honestly, looking at the bottom of pots and pans is the least appealing thing that I want in a kitchen,” he said.

“Unless you have pots and pans that are always in perfect condition, I would avoid using something like this because it’s going to make your kitchen look really cluttered and way busier than you expect it to be.”

Aside from your pots and pans, the next two things to consider are aesthetic choices.

Fotoluminate LLC – – illustrative purposes only, not one of the actual kitchens

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