This Man Went Viral On TikTok After Taking Away One Dollar From His Fiancée’s Valentine’s Day Gift Budget Each Time She Yelled

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The TikToker Isaac Ramirez went viral not too long ago after sharing his questionable Valentine’s Day gift practice.

“Last year, I put three hundred and sixty dollars away for my fiancé’es Valentine’s Day gift,” Isaac wrote on his TikTok account @Iisaac.ramirezz.

The video then showed the envelope Isaac had designated for his fiancée. The envelope featured a written log of how many times he deducted cash from her gift budget.

Next, Isaac panned to an envelope for himself. On that envelope, he wrote, “treat yourself king,” followed by a log of how many times he earned money.

“Now, her gift limit is forty dollars, and I saved myself three hundred and twenty dollars,” Isaac said at the end of the TikTok.

He also captioned the video, “Now, all she is getting is flowers and chocolates.”

The video skyrocketed to fame, reaching over 11 million people and raking in 1.3 million likes. The TikTok community had mixed reviews.

Some people found the video harmlessly hilarious, while others questioned Isaac’s romantic relationship.

“I see nothing wrong with this,” wrote one supportive user.

nadianb – – illustrative purposes only

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